Team Building Mystery Events

Team Building Mystery Events

Several of our interactive mysteries have been designed specifically for Team Building Events. Guests are given characters to play (and could be our murderer(s)) and then divided into super sleuth teams to locate clues or perform an action such as taking a picture or retrieving a clue from another guest. This is all done within a specific time frame. The super sleuth teams then elect a team captain and work together to guess "whodunit." These interactive murder mysteries can be tailored to your specific company to meet the needs of your event. Murder Mystery themes include a class reunion, a mafia party and a take off of James Bond movies, to name a few. Just give us the details and we will do the rest!

Team Building Games

In addition to our interactive murder mystery events, we also offer game formats similar to Balderdash and Trivial Pursuit. 3-4 actors portray famous characters such as Elvis Presley, Barbra Streisand and Mae West (to name a few -- and yes they sing) and become a celebrity panel. Guests are divided into teams and elect a a team captain. Controlled by a Master of Ceremonies, and using music recorded for the event, the characters interact with the guests and give definitions to industry/corporate words or phrases. Each team has a chance to guess who is telling the truth and the team with the most points wins a prize determined by the client.

More Team Building Ideas

Form teams to save the world, market a new product, or meet corporate challenges. You tell us what you would like to accomplish and we will design an interactive murder mystery or game to fit your needs. With over 20 professional actors, singers and dancers as part of our company, we can ensure your next corporate event is exactly what you wanted!

What's Next?

This fall, we will be expanding to combine our backgrounds in interactive theatre and management training. Working with other professionals in the entertainment and training industries, we will design and present events that will further communication efforts within our client companies while HAVING FUN!